Butcher in Bloomfield

Today, I had the day off from work. With sleeping in, ’cause that is what you do on days-off, I managed getting out of the house late-morning for a bite at The Sandwich Shop and a trim at Dan Cercone. I was on my way home when I noticed a new storefront on Liberty; Bloomfield now has a butcher — DJ’s Butcher Block.

He’s been open since last Thursday, so his scale is small at this point, but that is good. He seems committed to providing affordable, fresh, local, and quality meats (plus other products – especially if you ask); if he sticks to that commitment, time and community support will hopefully sustain larger scale and increased variety.

For now, yay! I got some Ohio Eggs (yes Ohio), Apple Cider pressed in Wexford, some Buffalo Chicken Sausage, and some freshly ground beef.

DJ’s Butcher Block, 4623 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh, PA


5 responses to “Butcher in Bloomfield

  1. i’m super-excited about this place. and he carries buffalo chicken sausage? yessssssss.
    ps – instagram is going to make blogging a lot easier for you now – i love the photo!

  2. Bill! Awesome! Your recipes look great. I can tell you are a genius.

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