Today With My CSA: Tomatoes and Friends

I have never worked with fennel so I am probably just going to start by roasting them: that seems to be the most popular method.  As well, with thinly sliced bulbs, a slaw might be in order with the below cabbage.  I discarded the fronds, though I have read they can work in salads as well as wrapping fish then roasting it – on the grill!


Rocky appears to have worked with fennel before. He was all over the fronds as soon as I set the box down.

Rocky and Fennel Fronds

 Bibb Lettuce, plus the cukes and tomatoes I got as well, will make for some nice salads.

Bibb Lettuce

I got one bunch of beets this week and they’re already roasted and gone.  The greens are still around, and I think I am going to try a beet green & prosciutto pizza. 


Probably one of the most beautiful cabbages I have ever seen.


Tomatoes and Friends. The arrival of summer is not marked with Memorial Day nor with the 4th of July; the arrival of summer is marked with the coming of tomato fruits. There are only two in my box this week, but I know July and August should be fun. Some friends that came as well this week were cukes, zucchini and dill.

Tomatoes and Friends

Lastly, the larger family.  There are some double takes here with the fennel and the cukes, but added to the mix are the tomato’s best friend, basil.  As well there are green onions and new potatoes.  I was perticularly excited about these new potatoes, freshly pulled from the ground.  These early season potatoes are so young the skins peel by just rubbing them with your thumb, and they’re so fresh they need stored in the fridge.  I made some nice potato tacos with these and if I can nail it down, I might post the recipe.

The Extended Family


2 responses to “Today With My CSA: Tomatoes and Friends

  1. You should just put these all in one huge pile and make a vegetable stew!

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